December 8, 2022

VAUGHAN, ON, CANADA, February 18, 2022 / — The chaos of 2021 is past us; it’s now time to start looking ahead to what’s in store for the next 12 months.
2021 was not predictable. The year 2021 was not without its challenges. This meant that certain trends were anticipated before the pandemic came to light, some did not emerge, and various forced changes altered the elements of the market landscape.

The most notable thing is that eCommerce sales increased to the roof, people were spending more hours on social networks, and video conferencing was the standard. This led to significant changes in how brands interact with their clients.

What trends in marketing will be prevalent in 2022?
These are the most important concepts to take into consideration:

1. A focus on sustainability
71 percent of consumers feel they should see companies doing more to help the environmental condition.
This isn’t too surprising. In the past few years, we’ve witnessed an increase in the number of brands moving toward a more sustainable future regardless of their materials, packaging methods, or anything else.

The search for a more sustainable world continues, and people are looking for conscious and purpose-driven brands about the environmental impact. Since the planet is uninhabitable and in danger of becoming a disaster, brands must reaffirm their commitment to sustainability in 2022.

2. The live stream trend is growing, and so does the influencer content
Orders made a home from home resulted in those events being canceled, and customers could not attend events in person. They couldn’t even get together with their relatives and friends.
This increased the number of viewers watching live streams, whether it’s a brand-name live stream, a live broadcast of their favorite person, or an online class.

3. The increase in voice and visual searches
A growing number of people are using voice-activated devices such as Alexa. Perhaps it’s because people at home had limited opportunities to talk or because the technology is now more accessible (about one out of four American houses has an electronic device or similar device).

However, it’s not only the voice-based search method that will be a dominant feature in 2022. We are also likely to see other innovative search techniques take off, including the visual search method.
Tools such as Google Lens enable consumers can look up anything they see. That means that marketers will have to be more focused on alt-text for images and sitemaps of images. Over the next few years, visuals will be increasingly essential to SEO. SEO game.

4. UGC to improve the experience of customers
The customer experience has never been more important.

Consumers are looking for pleasant experiences with brands that are simple and memorable. They require proof before making a purchase and to be confident. After all, nobody would want to make a wrong choice.

UGC, or User-Generated Content (UGC), fulfills all boxes when it comes to connecting content:
It strengthens and builds communities.
It’s relatable and inspiring.
It lets brands connect with customers in places where they’re in the crowd
It allows brands to create many more pieces of content against the backdrop of home-based orders and restraints.

5. A greater sense of goodwill and purpose-driven mission from brands
It’s difficult for consumers to trust brands they perceive as fraudulent or not sincere. Why would they invest in something they cannot trust or trust? This is why connections will be crucial for brands that wish to remain trustworthy sources in 2022.

More than ever, brands must look deep to discover how they can prosper in these turbulent times. A study by Deloitte says that to achieve this, companies must “be deeply attuned to why they exist and who they are built to serve. “


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