Best uses of QR codes in the Bundesliga

The use of QR codes in sports is not new. Finding it in the arena where people treat football like a religion is one of the best places to use it.

Watching Bundesliga live is best experienced with the aid of the best QR code generator online. Fans can support their favorite team with the convenient use of QR codes in the Bundesliga.

This QR technology may be utilized in various ways, from developing fan loyalty to following your favorite players.


Bundesliga: Germany’s football league

 The Bundesliga, also known as the “Fußball-Bundesliga,” is Germany’s top football league. But where does the term come from, and what does it mean?

The direct translation of “Bundesliga” is “Federal League.”

It so happened that Germany is also known to be one of the leading users of QR codes across Europe, according to a recent study conducted by MobileIron poll.

QR codes are a wonderful method to connect with supporters in the stands and those watching from home.

In reality, several sports companies have used QR codes in their marketing efforts, which paid them back and provided a terrific experience to sports fans.


Contactless check-in at the FC Köln game

 FC Bayern welcomed FC Köln in front of their fans for the opening Bundesliga home encounter of the ’21-’22 season.

Allianz Arena is limited to 20,000 spectators, and admission requires a 3G certificate.

The German record winners are the first Bundesliga team to use an automated 3G check at all entries to the Allianz Arena to facilitate access to the stadium as seamlessly as possible.

At the security check, spectators must first provide their admission ticket, followed by the required COVID certificate.

Then, in addition to a ticket, digital 3G proof must be scanned at the turnstiles using the URL QR code stored in the CovPass app or Corona-Warn-App.

On-site stewards will give fans with only physical verification of a QR code.

Putting QR codes around the stadium, arena, or ballpark is one of the simplest methods to engage spectators in attendance.

Most people will be glancing at their phones while waiting in line for a hot dog and a beer, so you might as well help them find something better to explore or kill time.


How are QR codes utilized in sports today?

Here are some sporting organizations that have used QR codes in their marketing efforts:


The Norwegian Soccer Club’s jersey now includes QR codes to raise awareness of human rights issues in Qatar.

Tromso, a Norwegian soccer club, has created a new kit that contains a QR code to draw attention to human rights issues in Qatar.

The kit was created in collaboration with Amnesty International and Malcolm Bidali, a former migrant worker in Qatar who was detained after blogging about the country’s harsh working conditions.


Club Brugge is using QR codes in an anti-racism campaign.

 Club Brugge, a Belgian Pro League football team, will post 24,000 QR codes across Jan Breydel Stadion to combat racism at home.

The decision comes after the Belgian justice system announced this week that it would not charge Club supporters in connection with a high-profile incident earlier this season.

The club’s 2-2 tie with Anderlecht on December 19 was tarnished by the visiting team’s coach, Belgian football star Vincent Kompany, who claimed he was exposed to racial abuse throughout the game.

The Public Prosecution Service investigated the incident but could not ascertain who was responsible for the abuse. In response, Club has launched a new campaign called ‘#NietMetOns.’


The partnership between So Paulo Futebol Clube (SPFC) and Bitso

 Bitso, a cryptocurrency firm, signed a sponsorship agreement with Brazil’s SPFC earlier this year.

Both companies launched an engaging experience for home game viewers.

Football players wore jerseys with QR codes printed on the sleeves. Readers scan the QR code and are directed to Bitso’s giveaway spree page.

Using unique QR codes to engage sports fans is now easier than ever.

Everyone enjoys the thrill of a good football match, from season ticket holders to supporters roaring from the couch to the sportsmen themselves. People will want to participate, whether it’s a high school rivalry or a professional game.

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