November 26, 2022

Coinpresso Launches to support Crypto with Digital

Auckland, New Zealand–(Newsfile Corp. – October 1, 2021) – Coinpresso, a Crypto Advertising Agency built for performance and results – has launched in a bid to address the deficit in Digital Marketing expertise within the crypto space.

Although the company has already had significant success with existing clients, Coinpresso’s website and proposition has now gone live to new clients looking to onboard to the service. At an early stage, there are some significant sign-ups taking advantage of the offering.

Looking to differentiate from the norm in crypto marketing, Coinpresso will provide campaigns that are tailored as per a project’s use-case and unique keywords, looking to drive value to the website on an ongoing basis, other than short-term marketing ploys seen in the space today.

SEO Specialists for the Crypto Space?

The current cryptocurrency marketing spectrum sees a playing field of the same agents. Purely focused on margins and pumping out articles en masse, with the eye for quality and optimization essentially non-existent.

Most of the top agencies in the space do not know how to rank a page to the top of Google. Yet they are content to take obscene amounts of money for content that does not rank, or provide any lasting effect to keyword performance, which in turn is wasted energy and money from the project perspective.

Adding Value to PR

The Crypto PR space has become abundant with sub-par quality and rinse-repeat tactics, where agents look to send as many articles out as possible, with no care about the structure of the content, or essential HTML. The standard procedure is to duplicate articles to as many distributors as possible, without caring for the result.

Coinpresso does things differently. Campaigns are created with keyword research as a top priority, focusing on quality over quantity, instead of the ineffective models that existing PR distributors use.

Supercharging A Projects Ranking In Google

The tech team behind Coinpresso aims to provide their clients with “supercharged” rankings, and traffic performance that only pushes the visibility of a project to more potential investors.

The team spends time working with their clients to achieve First Page of Google results for their chosen search terms.

The SEO team has over 12 years of combined experience, allowing them to rank existing clients on Page One alongside the industry’s most prominent players, with just a fraction of the budget other competitors charge.

Coinpresso positions itself as the Number One Crypto agency based on result, due to its performance within Google’s SERPs and the SEO arena. The team’s experience is substantial within crypto marketing, based on the team’s past employment within the industry and knowledge of the crypto space.

Coinpresso is a no-frills, all-action agency aiming to create case studies with every client it serves.

Clients Come First With Coinpresso

The main objective of the team is client success. Coinpresso provides an ROI-based approach to its marketing click-funnels, creating a unique strategy depending on a client’s requirements. Having recently signed notable clients including a dapp for new crypto coins – the Octaplex Network – the industry is seemingly taking notice of the approach to marketing.

“The purpose of Coinpresso is simple. Address the lack of quality SEO and Content within Crypto. Our approach to rankings and traffic is different from any other market “leaders” out there – they even ask us how to rank their clients’ sites! That’s how we know we are the best at such a young age.”

– Liam Quinlan-Stamp – Founder

The power of Google Search within crypto is largely untapped and is an area where Coinpresso is looking to help crypto projects gain further success in attracting mainstream audiences.

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