December 5, 2022

London, UK – January 21, 2022 – Over recent years, digital strategy has become crucial to the success of a modern business – being on page one of Google can make all the difference to sales and overall performance. Knowing this, business owners are paying increased attention to domain names and domain extensions – but how much does a domain extension really impact SEO efforts?

According to SEO specialists at The Brains, the reality is that domain extensions likely have no effect in terms of technical SEO. However, if you have a look at all the top searches, you’ll notice that almost invariably the top spots belong to .com or local domains, including This is likely more down to branding and human perception than SEO, however – people generally tend to trust .com domains, so they will favour them over lesser-known domains, meaning these businesses receive increased traffic and conversions as a result. Knowing this, it’s much wiser to look at domain extensions as a branding exercise – and business owners should focus on building a domain identity that fits their unique business.

It’s also worth noting that there are far more important factors to keep in mind when trying to optimise your website for SEO – including relevant, target keywords, long-form, regular content, accurate and compelling metadata and loading speed. What’s more, off-site SEO elements can make a huge difference – for example, a website with a .io extension and ten backlinks will outrank a website with a .com extension and zero backlinks – as with most things SEO, the topic is complex and domain extensions need to be considered alongside a multitude of other elements.

Discussing domain extensions and their overall relevancy in terms of SEO, James Speyer, Senior Account Strategist for SEO, says:

“There are a million ways to optimise your business’ website – and many of them will be far more impactful and important than a domain extension in terms of SEO. Rather than focusing too much on domain extensions from a technical perspective, instead, it’s worth considering them from a branding perspective. Consider the fact that a business with a .com extension just packs more of a punch than a lesser-known extension – it looks more official. For clients, we always recommend a .com or a domain from a branding perspective, but not necessarily from an SEO perspective.” – James Speyer, Senior Account Strategist for SEO, The Brains

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