December 8, 2022

The Metaverse disruption of everyday life is quickly becoming a reality. The participation of Facebook, rebranded as Meta, Microsoft, Apple, and other major companies into the sector gave the concept of Web 3.0 a fresh impulse and seem poised to create a ripple effect across its growing ecosystem, with the Metaverse at the head.

According to certain experts, early Metaverse investors could be compared with New York or any big city landowners in the 19th century. In other words, these projects have the fundamentals and potential to drive the next rally for digital assets, as DeFi and NFTs did in the past two years.

In that sense, the Solana-based NFT advertising project Metaverse Avenue was launched as a way for companies and individuals to have a platform upon which they can be known in the digital world. The project offers interactive billboards to users

A similar concept exists today on the internet, where a user or entity displays their information about their background/brand, history, details about their projects, and products. Metaverse Avenue is a pioneering platform that will provide its users with a service that could become fundamental

Imagine going back to 1985, walking into a business, or talking to a friend and telling them 10 years into the future they will need to create a digital profile to interact with the world, find jobs or customers, and expand both professionally and commercially. Something similar happened with the rise in social media.

The Internet Of The Future, How Metaverse Avenue Will Enable It

Therefore, Metaverse Avenue lets users purchase tokens which can be exchanged for blocks of digital space. Upon these blocks, users can begin building their profiles. The platform has been conceived as a perfect way for projects to advertise themselves to new audiences on the Metaverse and for token holders to generate a passive income.

On the platform, NFTs will have a 1:1 parity with blocks that make out the digital land. Each of the billboards found on Metaverse Avenue will be formed of a specific number of blocks, which at the same time will have their own individual measures.

The project will mint a total of 10,000 NFT with an estimated value of 0.99 SOL during the pre-sale period, and 1.99 SOL after. The token will be supported by Solana compatible wallets, such as Trust Wallet, MathWallet, Phantom, Soul Flare, and Solar.

How To Become A Metaverse Avenue Investors

On January 26th, Metaverse Avenue will hold their first presale for investors that joined their Whitelist via their website or social media, users can join the Discord channel or follow their Twitter and Instagram accounts. Currently, users can benefit from a 50% discount in the token’s discount should they join the Whitelist.

Otherwise, the mint date for the NFTs has been scheduled for January 27th. A short term after that the team behind the platform, formed by marketing and experts at promoting crypto and blockchain-related technologies, will consolidate more partnerships and launch the feature that will let users generate a yield from renting their blocks amongst other features, including an airdrop for partners.

The Metaverse and digital real states have been consistently growing over the past two years. The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a new interest for these assets alongside the interest that seems to revolve around them from young investors.

Projects such as Metaverse Avenue could disrupt the multi-billion dollar industry of the real state, marketing, and advertising while providing early investors with an edge. In the coming decade, the Metaverse could become the hub for finances, commerce, and an inflection point for human interactions with endless possibilities.


Image: Pixabay

How Metaverse Avenue Will Push A Leap Forward In Digital Marketing