November 26, 2022

Unless you’ve been living on a deserted island in the Pacific for years already (and with no contact with the rest of the world), it’s most likely that you’ve seen mass protests staged around the planet desperately trying to draw attention to the threat of climate change and global warming.  And if you think global warming is simply caused by carbon-dioxide emitting cars and power plants, think again, because the denim that you’re wearing is also greatly contributing to it! However, an innovative denim brand named ag jeans is trying to change the dirty reputation of jeans, and clothing in general, as major pollutants, because it has pioneered a new technology which recycles 100% of all water used in its factories.

The LA-based Denim Label is Leading the Way to Becoming Eco-Conscious

If you think that the fashion industry in general should not be considered as culprits to the destruction of the planet, think again. In fact, this industry has been named as one of the planet’s biggest polluters, and a huge responsibility to turn things around lies in the hands of the industry’s leaders to turn things around.


Well, the good thing is that a Los Angeles-based denim label named ag jeans is leading the charge to become more eco-conscious, as they have unveiled a unique, and revolutionary water filtration system in celebration of World Water Day in 2019.

This revolutionary water filtration system that the LA-based denim maker unveiled is used at both its Los Angeles and Mexico plants and factories, and the new, state-of-the-art system will recycle around 100% of the water that is used during the manufacturing process.

According to the founder of ag jeans, Yul Ku, a conventional denim manufacturer generally utilizes a whopping 380,000 gallons of water each day. And if the denim maker’s factory operates seven days a week, that would be around 2,660,000 gallons of water used in a week alone!

However, Yul Ku says that his company’s new water filtration technology will reduce their usage to just 1,200 gallons of water per day due to evaporation and minor spillage. This also means that no wastewater, chemicals or dyes reach LA’s sewer networks, and ultimately nothing reaches the ocean.


And Yul Ku adds that if you’re brave enough to pour yourself a glass of drinking water, you will even find that what’s left of the water filtration system’s post-recycling process is very much drinkable!


Before we talk further about the company’s breakthrough water filtration system, let me first give you an overview of this denim maker. AG Jeans was actually founded in 2002 in Los Angeles, California, and its founder has, since the start of the company’s operations, longed to be one of the leaders in sustainable manufacturing using innovative technology and eco-minded processes.


Today, ag jeans is so proud to lead the sustainable denim movement, especially with its AGOODKARMA initiative, which is a program that’s committed to advancing the company’s techniques, technology and practices in both design and manufacturing.

Complemented by essential partnerships that are focused on social, economic and environmental goals and objectives, the denim maker seeks to pursue its responsibility to institute positive, long-lasting change in their community through a multi-faceted approach.

While this revolutionary (and truly stylish) denim maker does not see a return on its investment on its new technology for at least twenty years, Yul Ku stresses that at least this move demonstrates their full commitment to the environment, and it demonstrates that changes like these can certainly be made possible.


By setting a very good example, Yul Ku points out that this should stir change not just throughout the fashion industry, but in the other industries as well, if only to effectively counter global warming and its catastrophic effects on the planet.


However, the good news just doesn’t end with the water filtration system, as ag jeans has teamed up with Water for People, which is the international charity and non-government organization that seeks to provide clean water and sanitation to those who need it most, especially those in third world countries.

Having jump-started the partnership with a sizable monetary donation, with each item purchased from the denim maker’s SS19 Collection, the donation aims to provide a vulnerable person with water for at least two weeks.

And, to top things off, the utilization of single-use plastic bottles in all AG factories and stores worldwide will also be eradicated. The single-use plastic water bottles will be replaced with Boxed Water is Better, which is a sustainably-minded and eco-conscious boxed water company that use 74% recycled materials to make its 100% recyclable packaging. 

The LA-based denim maker also plans to plant two new trees every time#BetterPlanet is hash-tagged on Instagram. So, if you want to make the planet a greener, and better place to live in, why not send out this hashtag on Instagram now! (As well as buy yourself a pair of AG jeans!).

So, even if you think that things look really bleak, especially when you talk about the environment, the good thing is that there’s a lot of hope. However, let’s still face the fact that things are not looking good now, unless we all make some drastic changes to the way we live, and how we care for the planet.

And, as the fashion industry as a whole continues to be stuck in the current list of major global polluters, at least we now know that Yul Ku and his amazing denim brand is doing something to change things, and create a stir that would eventually push all industry stakeholders to change their bad, old ways of manufacturing things, and eventually become 100% eco-conscious entrepreneurs as well!

But, don’t just think that changing for the better is just reserved for business owners, because you can make a difference too, by changing your wasteful habits or practices, and by supporting earth-friendly businesses, and denim makers like AG Jeans!