December 9, 2022


Are you planning to build a house, or a commercial establishment, in the coming days or weeks? With all the tools, equipment and materials that you need to buy for your structure, it’s quite easy to neglect (or forget) the obvious, which is the concrete itself! However, ordering concrete should never be put in the back-burner, or even be considered an afterthought, because concrete serves as the foundation of your structure, and it is essential for its quality and suitability for the job. Thus, your first step should be to find a reputable and reliable concrete delivery service provider. Here are a couple of helpful ideas on how to find the right concrete supplier and delivery provider in your area. 

Selecting a Ready-Mix Concrete Supplier

The first step to a successful construction project lies in finding a reputable and reliable concrete delivery supplier who can provide the material you require at the right price, and at the right time. In fact, placing the actual order is where things can get complex, because concrete is obviously not an off-the-shelf product that you can simply buy out of a shopping catalog.

Most contractors who’ve already been in the business for years, or even decades, already have the concrete ordering process down to a science, as they’ve already found a reliable supplier who can get them the right mixture, and the right amount, at the right price and right time. Without proper ordering, any project can get off to a very bad start.

To find the best concrete delivery expert, look in your local Yellow Pages, especially under the concrete ready mix section. Write down the number of at least 4 to 5 suppliers,  note the plant locations, or call the plants and get their exact location.

Second, trim down your list to at least two to three suppliers that are closest to your project site or location. Most experts note that the concrete must be discharged from the truck within an hour and a hour or forty-five minutes of being batched, or around 300 revolutions per truck. So, the farther away the plant is from your project site, the bigger the chances for problems to exist.

In addition, the farther the distance of delivery, the higher will the transportation costs be. And, the farther away the concrete comes from, the more chances will it be delivered late to the site. Thus, get a concrete ready mix supplier who’s close to your project site.

You can also get referrals from neighbors, co-workers, business associates and even relatives who’ve had experience getting ready mix concrete from various suppliers. Or, you can also ask for advice from the local hardware stores, as these will give you an indicator of just how the ready mix supplier services their clients.

Ask the references questions like did the concrete mix arrive on time? Was it the right concrete mix?  Have you had any problems with communicating with the supplier? And, Would you recommend this ready mix supplier?

Schedule a Site Visit From the Supplier

The next step would be to schedule a  site visit from the ready mix concrete supplier. However, you should only do this once you’re satisfied with the shortlist of delivery providers that you have. Call each of those companies and get quotes from them, ask them how many days are their lead times, or if they require that you place an order first, and if they’ll be able to deliver the concrete at the time you prefer.

Seasoned and reputable concrete delivery suppliers are often pleased to have a representative visit their clients days before the concrete pours. So, plan for and schedule this visit ahead of time, but do not expect the representative to visit you on the same day you call. 

Once the representative arrives, talk with them about the amount of concrete you calculated, and then get their opinion or feedback. Also discuss any admixtures, as well as clarify if the project site is accessible to their ready-mix trucks.

And, if you require more than one ready-mix truck, make sure to discuss the spacing of the orders. You must also confirm with the representative that you’re trying to achieve the best possible mix so that you can attain your desired results.

The items or details listed in the admixtures are meant to provide you with the information to ask the right questions, and not to make you an expert who requires no assistance from the professionals and veterans in the business!

As straightforward, and as honest as this information seems, most ready-mix concrete dispatchers often say that customers who call to order concrete often do not know how much concrete they require. In fact, some customers don’t even know if they require any additives, and may have not even considered if the concrete may need to be pumped, or if they need the concrete today or tomorrow!

Use Local Suppliers to Do the Hauling

To save more money when considering concrete delivery, it would be best to use a local supplier to do the hauling. As you might expect, you will pay a bit higher on transportation costs if the ready mix concrete plant is way far from your project site.

However, that’s not the only reason to go local, because the farther the ready mix concrete truck has to travel, the bigger the chances of it arriving late to your site! But, if your project site is a bit remote, but you still prefer to deal with a local supplier, avoid scheduling deliveries during the rush hour, and ask the truck driver/s to use alternate routes in case of traffic congestion, or road construction. 

I hope this expert-approved tips and ideas should help you to find ready mix concrete suppliers who can deliver the right type and mix of concrete that you require, and they deliver it on time (and within your budget range!).