December 6, 2022

Sometimes people get confused between mesh laundry bags and net laundry bags. They are basically the same thing. The term net laundry bags is just used because the bag looks like a netting. When buying mesh laundry bags, (from this point forward we will call them net laundry bags), customers should look for net laundry bags that are rated commercial grade. The durable net laundry bags fabric itself, the stitching and the barrel lock closure should all be suited for industrial purposes. In addition, these bags should come with a 4.75″ x4.75″ white ID tag sewn on the front of the bag for easy identification. Use any permanent marker to uniquely identify each bag. 

This does not imply that the bags cannot be used for household purposes, just means that the net laundry bags are meant to stand up to heavy duty, industrial usage.  

Net laundry bags can be used to wash laundry, linens, and other items within the bag itself. This method allows clothes to be separated during the washing and drying cycle.  Net laundry bags should feature either a drawstring or zipper closure and they should be made of durable polyester meshing.  Many people use small mesh net laundry bags to wash delicates.  The typical netting holes are 3 millimeters on some net laundry bags. 

 Other uses for these bags include storage bags to store sports equipment, gym balls, decoys, scuba equipment, life jackets, water shoes, etc. The breathable polyester mesh allows drying to take place which helps prevent odors and mold when storing wet or damp linens and other items. Available in a variety of colors to enable color coding for different floors or departments. Net laundry bags can have things such as logos or personalized images and text on the ID tags printed on them as well. 

Many places sell a complete line of net laundry bags.  

Search for net laundry bags that have double stitched seams and are made with materials that are sturdy enough for industrial use and can be washed and dried in commercial machines. Customers can buy as little as one bag or they can get great discounts when they buy in bulk.   

Some places print customized logos and text on the bags, making them into great promotional andmarketing items.  

Some examples of the industries customers are in commercial laundry facilities, wash and fold businesses, correctional facilities, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, schools, gyms and health clubs, aquaculture, agriculture, food services.   


Net laundry bags are often used to keep cloths separate in the wash. They are used by nursing homes, prisons, camps, daycare providers, adult day care, etc… so that they can keep their items separated. These bags also come in different colors so laundry can be sorted by floor or a section of a facility. An example would be white bags on one floor, and yellow bags on the second and different floor. 

In addition to the various colors of bags you can choose between many types of bag closures. The two different styles of net laundry bags are Drawcord & lock closure and zipper closure styles. The Drawcord & lock style closure is what most people think of when they see a laundry bag. When you place this style of bag in the wash make sure you tuck the cord into the bag when you close it. This is to prevent the cord from getting caught on other items in the laundry or the spin bar in the machine. The zipper style closure makes the laundering easier because you do not have to worry about the cord hanging out. Make sure the zipper on the bag is made of a non-corrosive material so it does not rust. 

Some net laundry bags come with an identification patch. Some of them are manufactured with these patches. Clients can write their names and room numbers on the patch with permanent marker. Some companies charge extra for the fabric name tag while others do not have any additional charge for the tag. 

When most people think about net laundry bags they think of a place for storing dirty laundry. This is true but the actual uses for net laundry bags are endless. People taking trips to lake cabins will realize that there are many items around the cabin that can be stored in net laundry bags. Net laundry bags allow items placed inside the bag to breath. This is a great bag to store items that get wet and need to dry off for storage. You can simply place the items in the bag, hang it up, and the moisture evaporates easily. 

Hunting Decoys are also an ideal item to store in a net laundry bag. Again, they are an item that gets wet and needs to air and drip dry. Some people used non practical things for storage that would rot after having moisture build up for many years, while others would use net laundry bags. By using net laundry bags those people have eliminated any problems due to mold such as odor.  

Scuba / Snorkeling Equipment can also be stored in net laundry bags. Some people might store the equipment in a drawer that would eventually rot. However, a more practical and convenient way to store the equipment would be to use net laundry bags. For people who scuba dive or snorkel as a hobby, having a lot of net laundry bags would be very useful. 

Life Jackets might be stored on hooks and large nails hanging off of the walls of a shed. They can be stored better in net laundry bags. Like all the other items on this list, life jackets get wet and need to be stored in a bag that can help it air dry. Net laundry bags are perfect for this job and many people have started using it for storage. Net laundry bags can also make it easy to carry this equipment down or on and off a boat.

The above are just some of the many uses that can be found for mesh net laundry bags. They are a really very useful tool for the household as well as for commercial facilities.