December 10, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has not just slowed down (or grinded to a halt) the manufacturing, tourism and retail industries, but it has also slowed down, or even totally stopped, the home-buying and home-building process. But, as the global economy has slowly started to bounce back, with the elimination of a lot of social restrictions, builders today should have fewer issues with luring potential home buyers and home builders. So, we should expect to see new, and more refreshing, trends in custom home building. Read on to learn a few of the many innovative home building trends, as told by our friendly and seasoned Custom home builders.

A Wealth of Lights

Many Custom home builders today say that an increasing segment of their clients are into an abundance of light. When I say an “abundance of light”, what I mean is that today’s custom home building fans are going for glass cabinetry, oversized windows and lots of strategically-placed windows which fil homes with a lot of sunshine.

In addition, many homeowners and designers are also going for French doors, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors and mirrors which flow through open-plan layouts and create brighter, more elegant spaces which open to the garden areas.

Green Additions

With climate change, greenhouse gases and pollution grabbing much of the headlines today, eco-friendly and sustainable homes are at the top of the wish list for many homeowners and 

Custom home builders.

Beyond energy savings, many homeowners also want to know what roles they’re playing to preserve life on earth for future generations. Well, by using sustainable materials, energy-saving air conditioners, appliances and more, ecology-conscious homeowners will be very happy to know that they are actually greatly reducing their carbon footprint. 

And, to be more eco-friendly, our friendly and professional Custom home builders also suggest that you design your garden spaces with native, drought-resistant plants and flowers to reduce the amount of irrigation and herbicide needed.  

Smart Kitchen Extras

The best kitchens that many Custom home builders love kitchens that work harder, and smarter. Now, how smart could these custom home kitchens get? Well, according to experts, it could come in the form of pre sinks with covers that double as cutting boards beside a gas cooktop, which lets users wash and prepare food with ease.

Another example would be a thick piece of butcher block at the end of the kitchen island which create an always-available area for cutting, chopping and preparing food. And, today’s plethora of high-tech appliances will also fade into the background with custom-designed cabinetry.

More Appreciation for Natural Materials

For eco-conscious custom home building aficionados, there will be certainly more emphasis on the use of natural materials. For Custom home builders, this could signal a preference for natural sophistication, wood, stone and quartz in earth tones and soft colors for granite countertops and backsplashes.

Bathrooms are also being lighted up as well, with tiles having just a hint of sparkle and sheen, if only to add a splash of glitz and glamour without being too overpowering, or too costly. Overall, there would be a real focus on understated elegance throughout the space.

Curvy Construction

Another custom home building tend that seems to buck the straight and narrow look of 2022, would be ahead-of-the-curve construction. Do not expect to see curvy walls or homes and buildings but you will instead see arched entries and windows, curves in walkways and barrel-vaulted ceilings.

Some of those who own custom-built homes also continue the design symmetry with curvy, eclectic furniture and décor. Thus, the possibilities are endless. So, if you’re thinking of taking a truly curvy approach to you custom home’s design, talk to house plan providers and professional Custom home builders.

Nature-Inspired Elements

This custom home building trend also looks and sounds very much the same with the other one which talks of green additions. In fact, a growing number of homeowners today enjoy using local and organic materials to create not just aesthetically-pleasing but also healthy interior environments.

And, if possible custom home builders are also designing features which effectively mesh with the geography and ecology of the lot, or of the location. Another popular trend for this year is incorporating more glass elements which allow homeowners to slide walls out of the way for boundary-busting and free-flowing indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Relaxing Bathroom Spaces

A growing number of Custom home builders are also saying that more homeowners are yearning for bathrooms that could actually become calming, soothing sanctuaries for people, through the use of minimalist designs. This could mean soaking tubs and separate showers with natural colors and a lot of white. 

Rooms With Different Personalities

As more and more people spend time at home (Perhaps due to the continuing worries about COVID-19), they have in turn added items which effectively showcase their personality. S, I guess this means that the days of extreme minimalism are slowly on the way out, and more custom home owners are creating spaces filled with colorful, nostalgic heirlooms and antiques.


In 2022, the demand for high-quality and kitschy antiques will be in great demand. While people are travelling less (again perhaps because of the existing COVID-19 restrictions) they have more expendable income, and a lot of creative expressions most especially when it comes to interior design.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are also known for being earth-friendly and long-lasting. And, they’re also becoming very stylish today. So, this year expect more metal to be used, or added to home exteriors, either on the roof as a whole, or as an accent on a porch roof or awning roof over windows. The best thing about metal roofs today is that they’re durable, and could potentially last for as much as 40 to 70 years.

Much of the people who own custom-built homes today are also sprucing up their outdoor spaces, and making them an extension of their homes. In fact, they’re also adding outdoor living rooms with large flat-screen TV’s and fireplaces, as well as high-end pools.