December 6, 2022

Tie dye shirts are a common craft for artsy people. However, other items can also be tie dyed and look great. A fun project is using pillowcases for tie dye. Some people actually prefer pillowcases for tie dye than any other project!.

Despite some articles insisting on using string in order to make pillow cases for tie dye, others think that rubber bands work the best. It is impossible to not have fun while doingpillowcases for tie dye.

Dye kits are sold in a variety of places – probably near you -and come with everything you need. They include everything needed along witheasy to follow instructionswhich are all required to make pillowcases for tie dye. Conveniently in most dye kits, dyes are already in the squeeze bottles, and all that is left is to add warm water; it’s important for the water to not be scalding however. You may also buy single packages of die, opposed to dye kits.

You can find dye in a lot of stores, most likely near you. They can come in liquid or powder form. For safety, wear a mask if mixing dyes in powder form, as they can be harmful if inhaled.

When doing the dyingof the pillowcases for tie dye, you will need to cover your working surface with plastic. This is important as the dye can stain furniture, surfaces, and other fabrics.A plastic tablecloth would work. If possible working outside would be a good idea so the dyes don’t stain objects in your house and if you have old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, then wear them. The dyes can get on skin and linger for days. They aren’t harmful to the body – but don’t ingest or get it into your eyes. Be ready with a mop and rag in hand, as if the dyes do spill, you will be able to clean it up before there is lasting damage. 


So first place the pillowcases for tie dyeon paper towels on top of the plastic protected surface so It’s less messy, and easy to flip the whole thing over when dying the other side. Remember to wear rubber gloves when dying pillowcases for tie dye!

I find that the three colors, pinkish red, turquoise, and lemon yellow make beautiful pillowcases for tie dye, and can mix together to make practically any color. In order to make pretty swirls you work from the center of the pillowcase and make your way outward, dye one third of the pillowcase lemon yellow. Dye the second third of the pillowcase pinkish red and the final third turquoise.  If you overlap the colors perfectly your work will result in pillowcases for tie dye displaying rainbow pattern that looks amazing.

Hint: It’s key to put light colored dyes on the pillowcases for tie dye first as Once you “lose” or cover it up by mistake – it is changed to something else (either orange or green) and you can’t get it back.

When you have finished putting the dye on the first side of the pillowcases for tie dye, turn the whole thing over. If you put the pillowcases for tie dye on a paper towel then this should be easy. Flip it onto a paper plate – they sell those everywhere. Just repeat for the second side of the pillowcases for tie dye. 

Now comes the part that requires patience. Waiting for the dye to dry is always the hardest part. It is important for the pillowcases for tie dye that after you have completed putting the dye on the pillowcase, you must pop it into a zip lock bag and seal it up tight. The bag needs to be put in a warm place and sealed for at least 24 hours! This will result in proper pillowcases for tie dye in whichthe dyeshad appropriate time to “prove” and allow the beautiful colors to really bond with the fabric. For the super impatient folks, you may pull it out at 8 hours. The pillowcases for tie dye may not be as beautiful but it will be adequate. The pillowcase can be left for up to 36 hours. The pillowcases will not look as good if you leave it much longer because the colors go sort of fuzzy. Once the pillowcases for tie dye is done wear rubber gloves and old clothes again and unwrap the bag. Don’t make a mess!

This is the moment you have been waiting to see if your pillowcases for tie dye came out properly. It is time to unwrap and see the pillowcases for tie dye you made. Take the pillowcase out of the bag! When finishing your pillowcases for tie dye you take the rubber bands off first, unwrap it and place it underneath cool running water, or just run under the tap for a while and then take the bands off! BEWARE, if you have never tie dyed before, especially for pillowcases for tie dye, you will be astonished at the amount of dye that pours out as you are rinsing. This is normal, as a lot of dye is required to create beautiful colors on the pillowcases for tie dye. Not all the dye will bond to the fabric resulting in some of it coming off while you rinse all your pillowcases for tie dye under the faucet.It may take a while for the water to run its course through the pillowcases for tie dye and separate all the excess dye. Hopefully, if you have done it right your pattern will be revealed in all its glory. Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, your new pillowcases for tie dye hopefully bring more color and pop to your life! You may now use those pillowcases for tie dye to wash shirts, or heck for more pillowcases for tie dye, in the normal, way in a washing machine. Make sure to wash the pillowcases for tie dye a couple times by itself before you use it.

So that’s it! Buying pillowcases for tie dye is a fun but easy artsy project. Go buy some pillowcases for tie dye today and get started!