June 10, 2023

SEO or search engine optimization has always been mostly about developing good links. Getting more links means getting more people to get into the site and increasing the website’s popularity. This is directly related to business success as it gets us more sales and fulfills business objectives. However developing links has to be gradual process and every link should be useful with a purpose.

OK now what is DLR or deep link ratio? Well, first let us first define a deep link. Deep links are incoming back-links to any specific page within the website other than the home page. And DLR or deep link ratio is the ratio of deep-links to website root links. The total deep links divided by the total number of incoming links will give us the DLR that is expressed as a percentage.Thus a website’s DLR is just the comparison of the number of backlinks that go to pages under the top level of the website to the total number of backlinks for the entire website.” There are many free online DLR calculator tools on the web to calculate a website’s DLR and it takes justr a few seconds to get a site’s DLR.

There is no defined standard for DLR. But websites can have a high or a low DLR ratio depending on the type of content that they have. However generally speaking a higher deep link ratio is considered to be better especially if you have an SEO based link development program. Yes, one must make it look natural and blend it well.

There are many commercial websites that are built just like an online departmental store where everyone first gets into the home page and from there find their way to the required categories and departments. Probably such sites have a lower DLR as they usually need not have any great content on deeper pages and so a high DLR does not matter much for such sites. However one must note that a high DLR has been known to be associated with a higher page rank and thus is a considerable factor for search engine optimization.