December 5, 2022

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Successful businesspeople are unfailingly committed to constantly upgrading their skills, whether they’re learning about the national economic environment or new tactics that help them gain an edge.

Nowhere is the need for constant learning more apparent than digital marketing, where new wrinkles appear nearly every day, and seismic shifts in the competitive landscape occur every year or so.

All marketers, including small businesses that develop their own innovative digital marketing plans, need to pay close attention or they’ll be left behind.

As we’ve talked with some of the nation’s top experts in digital marketing in recent months, here are some of the subjects that are on their minds nowadays:

► Don’t try to game the search engines. Search engines such as Google build their algorithms so that users can find good information quickly. That should be the marketer’s first interest, too. Make sure that your web content organically includes the words and phrases that users are likely to use in searching for your business. You can better understand how consumers are searching in your niche with tools such as Google Trends. Don’t jam your content full of words and phrases just to drive search-engine optimization. It’s cheesy, and potential customers will be turned off.

Jarrod Lopiccolo

► Make sure to use local search marketing. Start with Google My Business to take advantage of a free business profile that will pop up when a user does a Google search for a company such as yours. We continue to be stunned by the number of small businesses that haven’t invested 15 or 20 minutes into this powerful, free digital marketing tool.

► Do video right. By now, most everyone knows that nearly 90 percent of digital marketers are using video. But bad video is just another kind of bad marketing. Use video to provide value to visitors to your site. How about a behind-the-scenes visit to your shop? Useful tips provided by your team’s experts to help consumers with their own projects? And take care with the production values. Sloppy video tells potential customers that your business is sloppy.