December 10, 2022

Whether you have a seasonal offering to your product line, a limited edition product, or launching a new product, stand up pouches are an excellent choice. You can start with a minimum order of stand up pouch packaging and find out how this flexible packaging can benefit your business.

From manufacturing to purchase, these stand-up pouches are beneficial to both businesses and consumers. With regards to consumers, they prefer this type of packaging for the following reasons:


Safer and easier to open than a glass jar or can

Product visibility (clear windows)



Added functionality of zipper

Higher perceived value

Appeals to millennials

When it comes to businesses, using stand up pouch packaging is beneficial for you in these aspects:

They are highly flexible versatile

One reason that the stand up pouch is increasingly becoming popular is because of its amazing versatility. Companies use this package design in a variety of products such as:




Pet food or treats

Cleaning product

Muscle building product

Health and Nutrition product


And more

Besides providing you with a functional or flexible packaging option, you can be certain that your design will look great on the stand up pouch, increasing your sales as a result. 

In-store flexibility

When it comes to the retail world, stand up pouches are more versatile when you display your products in stores. Compared to boxes, tins, bottles, and other types of packaging, these stand-up pouches have fewerlimitations and are more adaptable in the manner they can be displayed. 

These pouches can stand on their own on the shelves quite easily without you worrying about them being knocked over. Also, you can install pegs in the store to hook your pouches and attract more customers in a key area. 

In other words, this flexibility in packaging helps you display your products in prolific areas of your shop. 

You can do the packing alone

With stand up pouch packaging, you can do without a co-packer and perform the sealing process by yourself, regardless you are an established company trying out a new product or a startup striving to make it big. 

When heat-sealing your pouches on your own, you need a clean space and a heat sealer. The process basically involves putting a specific amount of product and then sealing the open end of the flexible pouch using heat. 

But note that this only works if you are packaging lower volumes of products. Having a co-packer would be ideal if you need to package higher quantities of goods. A co-packer is a service provider that packages items on behalf of your business. You can rest assured that they are highly experienced in packaging as well as have access to specialized equipment. 

Faster turnaround times

While it is exciting and profitable, running a company can also be stressful. Before you know it, you find yourself falling behind schedules for whatever reasons. Regardless of your industry, a business environment is usually competitive. For this, it is vital that you accomplish various tasks as fast as possible. 

However, opting to use stand up pouch packaging helps with quick turnaround times. In no time, you will have your new packaging ready for the consumers available for purchase.

You can also have versions of stand up pouches for different products, sizes, and designs. This can help speed up the printing process of your packaging. Of course, you need to finalize every one of your packaging designs but printing this way can result in faster turnaround times. 

Different stand up pouch styles

Customer experience is essential more than ever, and people today prefer thoughtful touches from the products they buy. The packaging you choose with the information you give to your customers through your design can help evoke feelings, which is crucial in making them choose your brand over your competitors.  

Aside from having an appealing packaging design, you may choose a unique stand up pouch design that is more suitable for the product you offer. For example, if you are selling liquid products, a stand up spout pouchis an ideal option. Also, you may opt for a stand up pouch design with a clear window to allow for more visibility. Moreover, going for resealable zippers will help your contents from spilling out.

Various materials to choose from

You may be looking for certain materials over others based on the products you are offering. Fortunately, there is a variety of materials available, making it easy for you to select something that will work best for you. 

Whatever type of material you are looking for, you can incorporate it into your stand up pouch packaging design, creating a cohesive design and brand image. Some popular materials for stand up pouches are clear film, kraft material, and multilayer film. 

If you want to put forth a green image for your company and concerned with sustainability, you may ask the packaging company for a bio-degradable film. It is essential to take steps to help reduce the carbon footprint of your company, not to mention thatmore and more people pay close attention to sustainability and the environment today. 

The packaging materials you use are a great way to begin and your customers will eventually notice and appreciate it. 

A cost-effective packaging design

Stand up pouches are typically more cost-effective than other types of packaging designs. For one, printing your chosen design to create an attractive look that is unique for your product is cheaper. But, there are other financial advantages for your company when using stand up pouch packaging. 

Flexible packaging stand up pouches are also cheaper to transport because they generally weigh less compared to other packaging materials like aluminum, cardboard, or glass. Note that transport companies usually charge by weight. Therefore, you will save more money if your materials are lighter. 

The standup pouch design is also relatively inexpensive to customize. If you are looking for a low-cost but high-quality packaging solution, the stand up pouches are an excellent choice. This also allows your marketing team and packaging designers more room to work with when devising and proposing a design.